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The Haven Community is a
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The Haven Community

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In this issue, members of Team Phoenix at The Haven Community

share personal stories with insecurities.

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Our Mission Statement

The Haven Community strongly believes that everyone deserves emotional strength and their voices to be heard. We believe that emotions range in many complexities and the distinctiveness of feelings belonging to a person are worthy. The Haven Community is strong in certifying that the leadership and information that gets pushed out to our viewers are for the whole consideration of society, community, and the well being of everyone.

Welcome to The Haven Community!

The Haven Community is a student organization that aims to instill a positive outlook on emotional health to the teenage community while raising awareness on current events and mental health. The Haven Community and its subsidiaries strives to provide various content through many mediums and platforms to start the conversation on being able to connect based on our similarities and differences.

It’s Emotional Wellness Month!

The Haven Community is a student organization that aims to instill a positive outlook on emotional health to the teenage community while raising awareness on current events and mental health. During Emotional Wellness Month, The Haven Community and its subsidiaries brights to light the importance of emotional health and provide various content through many mediums and platforms to connect the teenage community.

The Haven Community: Inside the Teenage Mind

Listen to our podcast where we dive into the teenage mind! Available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google, Amazon Alexa, and many other platforms!

When considering the emotional circumstances of the complex mindset, we often forget how to pour out. In simpler terms, we're secluded and closed and purposely forgetful. In the back of our minds, we know we need to reach out but our arms and legs wrap around each other instead in that position of ``no, I don't want to talk about it``. Sometimes, we got to just throw ourselves. Literally. We need ourselves to take shame out.
Nathan Lim


Perhaps it’s neither unfortunate nor a blessing that we can so easily be overcome with emotion, whether for years or in a matter of days, that we can abandon ourselves in a single second. Without rationality, we put all the negatives in front of us, expecting a perfect life or even a potentially bearable life, forgetting the rest of the world in front of us.
Lanie Le

Chief Writer

I feel lost– lost in my sorrow, lost in my sadness, lost in my anxiety. Everything seems blurry during those days, but a beacon of light comes from those around me. They make me forget; forget that I am lost. Relying on these people is what has gotten me out of the depths of hell. These feelings wont dissipate easily but depending on those close to you can help in ways unimaginable.
Sai Brinda Kotthru

Executive Vice President & Staff Manager

You can’t change how others act and they may just have different ways of expressing their emotions so it’s not worth being disappointed in yourself based on them. You should just commend yourself for your efforts and remember that in the long run, you are loved and valued and shouldn’t be disappointed in yourself.
Katie Trieu

Chief Financial Manager

Happiness comes from yourselfーinternal happiness. What this means is that you yourself has to be satisfied and happy with who you are and what you’ve become as a person mentally and physically. Indeed, this is a tricky state of mind to achieve, but it is doable. Once you are happy with yourself, no one can touch you. You’re basically invincible. Happiness is reachable, it just takes time. Everyone has their own paths to their ultimate happiness.
Megan Tecson


Sumedha Budaraju
Words can't express how grateful I am for all of the people who've been there for me. They showed me how amazing it feels to have good friends by your side, who will support you no matter what. I don't know if they know it, but they really impacted my life in the best way possible.
Sumedha Budaraju


We don’t understand the value of life, of human interaction, of all the beautiful things we have in front of our eyes until they’re gone.
Ana Ruiz


Upon recording this podcast, I was glad to have learned I share experiences with my fellow members at THC. It's imperative to reflect on your emotions and yourself at the end of the day to see the places you can improve. It's important to take care of your mental and emotional health as a teenager, self-reflection can assist you in doing so. One thing I'd like to say to our audience is: You're not alone.
Katelyn Villon


Recording this podcast gave me a chance to share my experiences with other teenagers who could possibly be going through the same thing. Mental health, especially amongst teens, is such an important topic, as stress and poor well-being are so common and affect many, including me. My hope is that when teenagers listen, they can feel heard and encouraged to implement self-care and reflection into their lives as I have.
Sienna You

Senior VP, Writing & Composition

Although I felt a little nervous at first, I really enjoyed making this podcast with my team. Being a teenager isn’t easy. Trying to balance your school work along with relationships and your health is exhausting. A lot of times, teens will push aside that “mental health” aspect because they don’t see it as a priority when it is. Although it's nice to look out for others, you should look out for your well-being too!
Sarah Michaels

Senior VP, Media and Design

After seeing our podcast being released, I was proud of the work my team and I put into organizing our podcast and I’m so excited to be able to share it with our listeners! I hope that people are able to take away these key ideas related to self-care: self-care can be anything that makes you relaxed, self-care can look different for different types of people, and self-care is essential to living a balanced life.
Claire Green

Senior VP, Editing

When recording the podcast, I felt comfortable. It was as if I was talking with a group of friends about my true feelings at a local coffee shop. I did not feel judged at all. In fact, I felt heard. I believe that reflecting on experiences is important for teenagers because it allows them to grow. If we do not talk about our true emotions and take care of our well-being, it would be hard to get over bad situations and move on.
Celeste Cortez

Chief Financial Officer

Sophia May
While recording Team Opal’s podcast, I remember feeling a bit tense, since the topic
was so personal. But as my team got comfortable with sharing our feelings, I started
enjoying it all. I think reflection is important for teenagers because we’re all
self-centered, yet we don’t know much about ourselves. It’s important that we care for
our own well-being because we shouldn’t have to rely on others to feel good about
Sophia May


I felt really nice about recording the podcast. It introduced me to our club members. I loved how everyone was sharing ideas on the topic. All of the team members were open-minded and respectful. Self care is important because we have only one body and one life to care for. It is important for teens to take care of their mental health because they will soon become adults and navigate through stress/responsibility.
Shourya Kulkarni


The Haven Community: Self-Improvement

Listen to our podcast where we explore what self-improvement means to us! Available on Youtube now.


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We know that the teenage society has more open access and comfortability when it comes to digital mediums. So, The Haven Community team continues to curate content that is relevant and easily accessible.

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It’s simple. Our organization is run by the same age as our intended audience. We gathered together as a team in recognizing that our society needs work and we are devoted to building change little by little.

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We’re glad that you’re interested in learning more about The Haven Community. You can surf through our site and visit our “About Us” Page and see content we deliver. If you have more questions, feel free to email us at [email protected]


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