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Escaping Reality with Harry Potter

Be-Friending Harry Potter

TV shows, books, movies, songs; all of these have changed my life so much. More than they should’ve. They give me this nice break from reality and I feel like I step into a new world leaving all of my problems behind. I feel a refreshing sense of freedom, especially with how I feel trapped at home due to the ongoing pandemic.

Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, and Harry Potter—my absolute favorite TV shows and book series that really helped make me feel like I’m in their world. I’ve re-watched and re-read them more times than I can count because of how much I love them. I’m sure you’ve already heard of these but if haven’t, you should totally watch them!

Pretty Little Liars (PLL for short) revolves around the lives of 5 high school girls in which one of them goes missing. Once Upon a Time is about the fairytale stories read to children. Due to a curse, however, these familiar characters must live in our world without magic. Now lastly, Harry Potter is about a boy who defeated the darkest wizard of all time.

Their Imaginary (World)

I remember starting to read the Harry Potter series around 3rd grade and I didn’t know anything about them at all. I never ended up finishing the whole series, but I watched all 8 movies and just fell in love. The first book starts with Harry as an 11 year old boy. A terrible dark wizard had murdered his parents, a past he learns about in his journey throughout the book. With the help of his friends, Harry navigates his way through the Hogwarts School for Witchcraft and Wizardry where he faces more danger than ever before.

Throughout the books/movies, we get to see his amazing 7 year journey as he attends this school and ends up saving the entire wizarding world against all odds. I just really loved how with the smallest details given in the books and the beautiful cinematography given in the movies, it’s not hard at all to imagine yourself in their place. The Wizarding World was and still is my happy place.

Our Reality

The friendship between the golden trio (Harry, Ron, and Hermione) was something I really envied. This was especially so since I didn’t have any friends in elementary school and tend to always feel incredibly lonely. Having best friends who would literally sacrifice their lives for you seemed so surreal yet wonderful at the same time. After all, this is with the consideration that I didn’t have any friends who wanted to even spend time with me.

Those kind of extremely close relationships were something that I would really love to have. It is that theme of friendship and love is what attracts me to my favorite TV shows, movies, books, etc. And while the characters were on the verge of death at the end every year, I still loved the idea of exploring different objects containing magic, making best friends that you’ll have for the rest of your life, and having anything you want with a small wave of your wand. The whole experience is so magical and something I wish I could have in real life.

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Sumedha Budaraju

Sumedha Budaraju is an author for The Haven Community. As a person who isn't good at expressing her feelings and emotions, she personally found that working with Haven Unified would give her the perfect opportunity to share and be more open with herself and others. Although she wants to be a pediatrician in the future, she loves to help others and believes that The Haven Community could really benefit teenagers everywhere. As most team members are in California, Sumedha hopes to spread the word in Georgia and create awareness. She believes and hopes that The Haven Community will allow teenagers like herself to express their feelings more often and know that there is always someone who cares about them.

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